How Do You Know if You Need Foundation Repair?

How Do You Know if You Need Foundation Repair?

Foundation Repair

When do you need to think about foundation repair? Although signs of foundation trouble may occur with little warning, there are often signs in the form of visible damage. The most important thing to remember is to not let signs that you need to get your foundation repaired get by you.

Some issues are serious, while others are not as big a problem as they may initially appear. It’s natural for homeowners to assume the worst because home repairs generally cause stress. Read on to learn more about when you don’t need to worry and when you do need foundation repair.

When Can You Put Off or Avoid Repairing Your Foundation Altogether?

Knowing when you can save foundation repair for a later date or when the repair isn’t necessary are both important. Some of the issues that are less urgent or unrelated to your foundation include:

  • Flaws in concrete surfaces, which usually originate with problems during installation
  • Visible brick expansion joints, which are part of the construction process
  • Seam breaks, which relate to age or poor construction quality
  • Floor tile cracks, which are most commonly due to more delicate tile material
  • Ceiling cracks, which are usually due to roof leaks or sheetrock issues

Even in situations unrelated to your foundation, taking some preventative measures may keep you from having foundation problems in the future. Piering is a technique that can help protect the stability of your walls. Drains may help prevent damage to basement and crawlspace areas.

What Are Some Signs That You Need Foundation Repair?

Some indicators that you need foundation repair include:

  • Indoor fixtures show evidence of movement, which indicates issues with the foundation more often than not
  • Built-ins or wood trim moving, which is one of the strongest signs of movement
  • Interior walls with diagonal cracks, showing evidence of movement related to a settlement
  • Doors sticking or refusing to latch when closed, causing door frames to end up out of joint
  • Exterior trim showing gapping or separation, which is a major indicator of movement
  • Exterior walls with stair step cracks, which means that settlement is involved

What Should Be Your Next Steps If You Need to Repair Your Foundation?

A consultation with a foundation specialist will give you the best indicator of how extensive any repairs will be. Putting everything in order with the foundation needs to come ahead of any additional repairs. Otherwise, you might end up having to do another repair for these issues, costing more time and money.

One of the most important things to do is relax, knowing that some type of solution to your problems awaits. The expense and time involved might seem somewhat daunting at first. However, the benefits of having these issues fixed and no longer worrying about damage are worth it.

Many of the most frustrating structural problems in homes have their origins in foundations that require repair. However, your sense of peace is just one small part of the potential benefits. Your home’s increased value and curb appeal will help make everything worth the effort.

When your home has foundation issues, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether a professional can handle a major repair or is willing to fix small cracks. The best professionals for the job will be able to handle both of these situations and anything in between.

A professional with years of experience, who is up to date on the latest technology in foundation work, will be in the best position to help. Olson Foundation Repair has served the Kansas City area since 1986 and handles foundation jobs of all sizes.

If you need foundation repair, contact us today to find out more about your options.