How Can I Extend the Lifespan of My Foundation?

How Can I Extend the Lifespan of My Foundation?

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What are the smartest ways to extend the lifespan of my foundation?

If you’re a homeowner who’s thinking about foundation stability and preservation, then congratulations, because you’re already ahead of the curve. While it’s easier to notice and deal with other home renovations (like roofs, siding, electrical issues, and so forth), not everyone comprehends the significance of a sturdy foundation.

Check out some helpful advice on this matter, and if you’d like to learn more, Olson Foundation Repair always offers free inspections for diagnosing potential problems.

The Best Ways I can Extend the Lifespan of My Foundation

There are some smart DIY maintenance tasks that help extend the lifespan of your foundation. This could involve something as simple as getting more dirt to augment the areas around your home or improve soil grading.

Another overlooked step involves checking your gutters and downspouts. Do they point the right direction? Are they clogged or in serious disrepair?

They should drain properly and send water away from your foundation. If they clog and water goes straight downward, then that introduces heavy water pressure onto the foundation wall. This along with proper soil grading are the two key items that homeowners should do to promote foundation longevity.

When is it Time to Schedule a Professional Inspection?

What about foundation inspections? When do you really need one?

You don’t have to do this every year unless you have a serious problem. Some inspections we perform have more to do with satisfying realtors and others who are buying or selling homes. That’s because foundation quality plays a big role in determining the home value.

However, if you’ve lived somewhere for five or 10 years, and notice issues like doors out of place, or sheetrock twisting and buckling, then definitely call a specialist. Foundation contractors, like Olson, can help you identify the root cause of those serious concerns. This is something we offer free of charge, and without excessive sales pressure.

Make Sure You Hire a Professional Rather than a Handyman

Of course, not all construction contractors and repair technicians are rated the same. Foundation repair is a unique field, and not that many tradesmen specialize in it. Therefore, we advise Kansas City homeowners to seek only the most qualified professionals.

Here’s how you can tell whether they’re qualified:

  • They have a reputation for doing this work. This comes in the form of customer reviews, testimonials, and referrals. Search for contractors who have experience and can prove it with examples.
  • Their work comes with clear warranty terms. Never hire someone who doesn’t mention something about warranty coverage in the project contract.
  • They not only perform inspections, but if they offer solutions, then you’ll receive a clear cost estimate. Nothing is riskier than signing a repair contract when you have scarcely any idea of what they’ll do to fix your foundation. We prefer to explain problems, propose clear solutions, and allow you to decide to pursue them or not. Whatever you do, never put up with a pushy salesman.

I Can Extend the Lifespan of My Foundation . . . with the Help of Olson Foundation Repair!

So, we hope these suggestions help you get a better idea of your options for preserving your home foundation. Those of us who’ve lived in Kansas City for a while know how much the soil shifts beneath us, causing lots of problems that aren’t always avoidable. We hope you’ll consider Olson Foundation Repair if you find yourself in any of those difficult circumstances (i.e., bowing walls, horizontal/vertical wall cracks, leaky basements, etc.).

We’re the area’s most reputable foundation repair company for residential properties. This applies to homeowners in Kansas City, Olathe, Overland Park, and many other communities.

If you’d like further assistance “extending the lifespan of my foundation,” then please contact Olson Foundation Repair anytime to ask questions or schedule a consultation.

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