Fall Foundation Maintenance Tips for Kansas City Homeowners

Fall Foundation Maintenance Tips for Kansas City Homeowners

Foundation Maintenance

Keeping up with maintenance on your home can be a full-time job. It can also get expensive. But keeping ahead of any possible damages due to weather, accidents, or just an aging home is important. Getting on top of any repairs and keeping everything in tip-top shape will save you money. Maintenance is much easier and less expensive than major repairs. Keeping an eye on your foundation is just as important as any other maintenance on your home.

Maintenance Tips for Your Foundation

The foundation is the base of your home. If it becomes compromised, it can put your entire home in jeopardy.

Keep Water Away

Water coming off the roof and down through your eaves troughs and sprinkler water can cause severe damage if it is too close to the home’s foundation. Always check for pooling water that could be near the foundation wall. Make sure your gutters remove the water to a catch container or away from the house.

When concrete or wood gets wet, it expands, then shrinks back when it is dry. This can cause all kinds of damages from cracks to shifting walls and areas of your foundation.

Look For Cracks

Keeping an eye on the cracks forming on your foundation is a big step in taking care of them. Make a note of where they are and keep checking back to see if there is any difference in them.

Look at the other side of the wall where they are. Check for water damage, moisture, or leaks. If there is a damp spot or if the cracks seem to be getting bigger, call in someone to inspect them.

Look for Leaks

Keep an eye open for leaks or moist patches in your basement. Check the walls and the floor for any new damp spots or leaks. This could be coming from cracks outside that you have not noticed before.

Mind Your Trees

Trees can grow roots hundreds of feet deep. They also absorb a lot of moisture. Tree roots can also grow under your foundation and start to lift it up or crack it.

The roots also take in a lot of water. This can dry the area around your home and cause the soil around it to shrink. This can cause your foundation to shift or move, and cause cracks.

Tree branches can break off and do damage to your gutters, which will not work properly. That will cause water to run down your house and soak in beside the foundation.

Watch The Soil

During dry months the soil will dry out too quickly. Keep it moist enough to keep trees happy, the solid from shrinking and moving, but not too wet as to soak in or move the soil away from the foundation.


Bushes, hedges, and flowerbeds close to the home should be elevated and sloped away from the home. There should be proper drainage underneath, as well.

Any trees or flowers close to the home should be checked regularly to make sure they are not causing any damage.

Get Inspections

You should be having everything from your roof to your basement inspected at least once a year. This includes all aspects of plumbing, like air conditioning and your gutters.

Call the experts at Olsen Foundation Repair for your free consultation. They can assess the damage and let you know if the cracks are serious enough to repair right away.

Keeping your home in good repair is the best way to prevent damages and from problems arising. Stay one step ahead of foundation maintenance to keep your home safe and repair costs down.