Drainage Solution Options for Kansas City Homeowners

Drainage Solution Options for Kansas City Homeowners

Drainage Solution Options kansas city

Drainage solution options may include various options depending on what the underlying issues are. Some of the drainage option solutions include:

  • Swales
  • French drains
  • Correct soil sloping
  • Surface drains
  • Run-off control for AC drains or gutters

Proper drainage can help correct many foundation problems or keep them from worsening. However, it’s important to know which solutions are best for your circumstances. Read on to learn more about the options that may apply in your case.

Why Aggressive Foundation Repairs Are Not Always the Answer

Choosing a professional with the right experience makes the difference when you need to correct drainage issues affecting your foundation. A less experienced professional may encourage heavy use of concrete or steel piers when there is a better solution.

The right drainage solution options make all the difference. Kansas City usually sees hot summers, and with the hot weather comes a lot of uneven watering. Bringing this solution to the heel with proper drainage will prevent further problems.

What Types of Drains Are Used for Drainage Solution Options?

French drains and surface drains are two of the most common drain types. French drains drain subsurface water off, often using a sump pump. These types of drains are often more expensive, an important consideration when deciding what to use for a drain.

Other surface drains may include floor drains, which work well for floors with natural dip, and curtain drains, which require a trench. Factors include the quality of your soil drainage and whether you use a sump pump to direct the water away.  If you don’t choose the drain wisely, you might be in for more headaches the next time the area sees a lot of rainfall.

Run-Off and Other Drainage Options

Some of the best solutions for managing drainage are run-off-related. These solutions, when used, work with your home’s natural terrain to help drain troublesome water away. Even when these solutions are artificial, they are often a more cost-effective alternative to drains.

Swales, often called infiltration basins, are particularly useful for drawing rainwater away from a house. One of the most common ways for an artificial swale to work is by directing water down gently-sloping sides into a channel. Some yards have landscaping that makes creating swales relatively easy.

Run-off control for AC water or gutters may help prevent foundation damage. Air conditioners may drip a lot of water during peak periods, damaging areas around the foundation or window frames, in the case of window units. Gutters with poor-quality spouts might not drain off water as effectively.

How Should You Go About Selecting the Right Drainage Option?

As tempting as it might seem to try to diagnose and correct these issues yourself, this is not a good option. Without the necessary experience in repairing foundations, you might make a mistake that costs more money in the long run. You don’t want to take chances where foundation damage may affect your home’s entire structural soundness.

One of the best ways to figure out which drainage solution is best is to ask yourself some questions:

  • Does your home have standing water after heavy rainfall if it has a basement?
  • Have you ever had to pump water out of your home more than once?
  • Has your basement area had any additions that involve extra pipes being installed?
  • Does the soil around your home get saturated easily, or are there signs your foundation is shifting?

Getting the help of a foundation specialist will help you make the right choice. Olson Foundation Repair has the experience you need to make sure you choose the right drainage solution options, so contact us today.