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Leaning Chimney Repair in Kansas City

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A leaning chimney is a common problem that many homewoners have in Kansas City. However, many times people do not take the issue as seriously as they should. A leaning chimney means in most cases that there are foundation repair issues at play. Plus, a leaning chimney means liability issues for you if any bricks were to fall off and hurt someone. Let’s find out what causes a leaning chimney, signs to watch out for, and solutions to the issue.


Surprisingly, a leaning chimney can be a sign that your whole home needs foundation repair. A leaning chimney is usually going to be caused by settlement, poorly compacted soil, a footer that is too small or too shallow, or other changes in the soil. When you have changes in the soil, including settlement, this will greatly affect your foundation and your chimney. Whether it only causes cracks or it causes a leaning chimney, this is something you should take seriously. It means that the rest of your home could suffer the same fate if you don’t take care of the issue. A footer that is too shallow or too small for the home can also cause problems. The soil can more easily affect a shallow footer, and a small footer does not have a solid base and will cause issues in any case.


There are a few signs you can look for that signal that there is damage to your chimney, and these include: chimney leaning away from the home, leaning chimney, cracks in the chimney or foundation near the chimney, leaks, bowing walls, or sticking doors and windows. These are all sure signs that if there’s foundation problems that need resolved as soon as possible. This is especially true if you’re seeing multiple issues at once. Never leave foundation problems to get worse. They will not get better, and they’ll cost you more money in the long run by waiting. Get them resolved now so that you can save yourself time and money in the future.


Never try to repair a leaning chimney by yourself if you are not a professional. DIY chimney repair could make the issue worse or cause new issues. Instead, call the professionals at Olson Foundation Repair for a free estimate. We will get you scheduled, come out for a visit, and let you know what the problem is and how we will resolve it. The chimney and footer will need stabilized, and usually this involves underpinning techniques. While we’re there, we may take a look at the rest of your foundation as well to make sure there are no other issues related that are lurking. In this case, piers will usually be used to regain stability. However, every case is different and requires different tools to resolve.


If you have a leaning chimney, call Olson Foundation Repair. We are happy to schedule a free estimate and get your chimney back to being safe and stable. Don’t risk the liability that comes with a leaning chimney, and save yourself money by fixing the issue now. Contact us today for more information.