7 Tips for Choosing a Kansas City Foundation Repair Contractor

7 Tips for Choosing a Kansas City Foundation Repair Contractor

7 tips choosing kansas city foundation repair contractor

When you need to have repairs done on your foundation, it needs to be done right. Your foundation is arguably the most important aspect of your home so you better hire a foundation repair contractor. It holds everything together, so if it has a problem, the entire house has a problem.

Finding a good contractor shouldn’t be difficult but you also don’t want to just pick the first one listed in the yellow pages. There are a few things you need to know before you hire them.

7 Tips for Choosing a Kansas City Foundation Repair Contractor

Unfortunately, there are going to be contractors who are shady and only looking for a fast buck. It’s important to do your homework.

1. Ask For Recommendations

Talk to your neighbors, friends, and family. Find out which contractor they used and see if they were happy or not. It’s the best place to start if you have never needed a contractor before.

Ask what they like or didn’t like, and why. Just because your neighbor was not happy about something doesn’t make them a bad choice. You may not care about the reason they weren’t happy.

2. Check Online

Once you have a list of several contractors, start looking into them yourself. Check their websites and read reviews that are posted independently from their own website.

Again, read complaints with an open mind. Bad reviews come from all places and are not always fair. Often, one or two bad reviews in a long list of good ones is a good sign.

3. Ask About Warranty

This is an important question. If they don’t offer a warranty, why not? Why wouldn’t a company back up their work? This is a red flag and you should not hire them.

When you find the contractor who does offer the warranty, read it over first. Make sure it covers everything about the work and it’s just a lot of words that don’t mean anything.

4. License, Insurance, and Credentials

The license is just the minimum requirement for a contractor so never hire one without one. These things are often posted right on their websites, so if you can’t see anything like that in your initial search, keep looking.

The team that is going to be working on your foundation should all have credentials. There may be a younger member on an apprenticeship, but they will have certified guidance.

5. Permits

Proper permits require an inspection first before they are allowed. Without a permit, the contractor is free to use sub-quality materials, cheap labor, and may even cut corners.

6. How Long Have They Been Working?

The longevity of a company speaks volumes about them. It shows that they have been around awhile and will likely be there for some time, as well. Many of them will be very proud of their past experiences and how long they have been in service.

7. Past Work

Ask about some of the work they have done before. If this is a contractor that came from a recommendation, then you should have a good idea of what you can expect.

Talk to some of their past clients, if they will talk to you and ask them about the company, the service and if they are happy with the work they have done. It’s a big job, so it is always good to know what to expect.

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