6 Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Foundation Repair Contractor

6 Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Foundation Repair Contractor

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Most of us are not experts on foundation repair. It can be a bit intimidating to get help in for repairs. It can be more difficult to find the right company to do the work. Get a few questions ready beforehand to ask when you are looking for a foundation repair contractor. These will help you narrow the field of companies you want to hire for the repairs.

6 Questions for Your Foundation Repair Contractor

If you start with a few simple ones, the contractor may help you fill in the blanks. Don’t be afraid or timid to ask them questions.

How Much?

The cost is something we all want to know and so you should. There is no point in going through a long list of questions just to find out it is going to priced well out of your budget. Get it in writing.

How Long?

This is another very reasonable question. You don’t want to hear two weeks and still have people stomping around your home two months down the road. Make sure you get that in writing too. Problems do arise, but a reputable company will know how long it will take them.

Ask About Insurance

You want to know about their insurance and what it covers. If they don’t have any, say goodbye. If something does wrong or someone gets injured, that could be down to you and your homeowner’s policy.

Do They Have a Warranty?

They better. You want to ask about it and how long you have to call them back if something isn’t fixed to your satisfaction. Things can get missed or repairs were not done correctly. Ask them about their warranty.

How Many Repairs Have They Done?

Just like you don’t really want the doctor who has never removed an appendix before, you want a repair contractor with a few jobs on his toolbelt. How long has the company been in business, how many jobs have they done, and don’t be afraid to ask for references.

What About Clean-up?

Let’s not just assume they will pick up after themselves. Many companies put that right in their outline when they are hired to do a job. Make sure you ask about it so you are not stuck with a horrendous mess in your yard or your basement to clean up.

Check Online

You can narrow your questions down by checking out companies online. You can also ask your neighbors if they had recent work done. Online, you can check their website, check for review sites, and find any complaints or problems that are mentioned, either casually or officially.

This will save you a lot of time. Often, a reputable company will have these answers posted on its website. It doesn’t’ mean you shouldn’t ask. You should. Make sure you get the answer you want and that it matches their claim.

If they are not willing to answer your questions, then it often feels like they have something to hide. It’s unfortunate, as many contractors get a bad reputation due to the fault of a few.

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