5 Benefits to Kansas City Sump Pump Installation

5 Benefits to Kansas City Sump Pump Installation

5 Benefits to Kansas City Sump Pump Installation

Benefits to Kansas City sump pump installation include preventing damage to your home, particularly the foundation. A sump pump, installed in the basement, pumps water out that might otherwise cause flooding. In many cases, these pumps are in a specially dug pit and are always at the floor’s lowest point, regardless.

Read on to learn about the reasons to install a sump pump and how these benefit your home and its foundation’s health.

Benefits to Kansas City Sump Pump Installation Include Keeping Your Basement Dry

Keeping basement and crawlspace areas dry is one of the main reasons to install a sump pump. When the basement starts flooding, the pump activates and directs the excess water out through a pipe. If your house is, ideally, on a slope, that will help direct the water away from your home.

A professional who installs sump pumps will place a check valve between the pipe and pump. This check valve is designed to keep the water from flowing back into the basement. Most sump pumps use standard electrical wiring and activate using a pressure sensor or float activator.

Alerting Homeowners to High Water Levels

Although sump pumps ideally keep flooding from occurring, sometimes these pumps malfunction. Benefits to Kansas City sump pump installation include the ability to alert homeowners when the pump is not functioning. Although an imperfect solution, property owners can still do something about the situation before things get out of control.

A helpful feature that some sump pump models offer is calling the owner in the event of flood risk. With a feature of this type, homeowners can call a plumber to help prevent the situation from worsening. Because flooding can damage areas of the home that include the foundation, pumps that can alert owners in the event of trouble are valuable.

Stabilizing Soil is One of the Benefits to Kansas City Sump Pump Installation

One thing that many have noticed is commercial buildings using sump pumps to keep the soil around the buildings stable. The structure itself stays more stable with stabilized soil. This benefit is also helpful for homes because of the impact of hydrostatic pressure that unstable soil can put on a foundation.

Many homes in the Kansas City area are at risk from high water tables due to aquifers. One of the most common undesired effects of such activity is unstable soil that can affect the foundation. Using sump pumps helps keep this water away from your home and affects your foundation.

Sump Pumps Help Prevent Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew in basements are some of the most bothersome problems that homeowners face. Both these are unsightly and have highly unpleasant smells. Mold and mildew can also cause allergic reactions and contribute to other health problems.

In addition to basements, crawlspaces are also highly susceptible to mold and mildew. Sump pumps can help keep these areas dry, preventing potential damage to foundations. Flooding is a leading cause of mold or mildew buildup, and a flooded basement can contribute to structural damage.

Sump Pumps Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Homes with basements that stay dry are more structurally sound and likely to appear more attractive to buyers. Another thing that appeals to many buyers is having a pump already installed. Although flooding is not a problem that everyone will encounter, prospective buyers are often relieved to not have to think about installing a pump at some point after going through a flood.

Although there are benefits to sump pump installation, you will benefit the most from this step if you already know how stable your home’s foundation is. Because sump pumps can increase your home’s value, contacting us to find out about other steps you need to take to preserve your foundation will help you make good choices.