4 Ways Poor Drainage Can Destroy Your Home’s Foundation

4 Ways Poor Drainage Can Destroy Your Home’s Foundation

4 Ways Poor Drainage Can Destroy Your Home’s Foundation

Poor drainage can destroy your home’s foundation and these issues often arise with little to no warning. Drainage issues can cause a lot of damage to your foundation, and they’re not good for the rest of your yard, either! If some areas of your yard are waterlogged after a rainstorm or your home has puddles appearing for no reason, you may have drainage issues. Discovering the cause of the problem is important for a successful resolution. Most issues are relatively easy to fix if caught early. You may have to worry about damage over time if not caught early. Here’s what you need to watch for:

Driveways and Garages May Indicate How Poor Drainage Can Destroy Your Home’s Foundation

Driveway asphalt often cracks over time with direct sun exposure. Small cracks measuring under 1/8” are seldom a cause for concern, but wider or expanding cracks may require professional attention. Although some garages are in a separate area from the driveway, they can also sustain foundation damage. Whenever water is not directed away from a structure, there is a potential for it to accumulate under the foundation and cause damage. Puddles in your driveway may also indicate that you have poor drainage. One of the things to look for is whether the water dissipates or not when the sun comes out after a rainstorm.

Water in Your Yard Can Destabilize Your Foundation

One of the ways that poor drainage can destroy your home’s foundation is when your yard has soil issues. Unless you take care of soil drainage issues promptly, you might have a wetland area in your yard you never asked for!

During the summer, you will probably see the water dry up quickly. However, if you have a lot of puddles that never seem to go away, you might have drainage issues. Besides contributing to drainage issues, these puddles are also perfect nesting grounds for bacteria and mosquitoes.

Checking your soil is a good idea if this problem is recurring. When your home has an irrigation system, it is important to make sure that the water drains away from the house. The longer water stays in your yard, the more likely it is to seep under your home’s foundation and cause problems.

When you are working on drainage solutions, don’t neglect backyard patios. These areas can also experience significant damage from bad drainage.

A solution that many homeowners turn to is using ditches, sometimes called swales, to help direct water from the house. When used in the right areas, these solutions can help save a lot of time and prevent expensive damage.

How Downspout Issues Cause Poor Drainage That Can Destroy Your Home’s Foundation

Downspouts often make huge water amounts accumulate quickly. The key is making sure that water from downspouts is redirected so it does not cause damage. Running gutter extensions at least five feet from your house is a cost-effective way to keep your backyard from flooding.

Your home’s location relative to downspouts is important. When there is a decline from your house, the water will customarily drain away from the house. However, if you lack a slope, sufficient space is necessary for water to drain away from your home. Saturated soil can damage a foundation very quickly, emphasizing the need for proper drainage.

How Neglected Gutters Can Contribute to Problems with Your Foundation

As important as gutters are, man homeowners tend to overlook them. However, neglected gutters can lead to big repair bills, especially those involving your foundation. Twigs, dead leaves, and other types of debris can cause clogged gutters by interfering with water flow.

Watching your gutters when it’s raining is a good way to spot overflow issues. Maintaining your gutters is a perfect way to avoid drainage issues. Overflowing gutters can also contribute to cosmetic issues like peeling paint and dirt or mud buildup.

Whenever you have new gutters installed, it is important for downspouts to point away from the house. Keeping the gutters cleaned out, as well as using gutter guards, helps avoid some of the worst of the issues at bay. Because gutter problems may affect your foundations, these issues should always be checked out promptly.

What Steps You Should Take for Your Foundation Issues Due to Poor Drainage

Seeing cracks in your foundation or standing water in your yard are two potential problem issues to watch for. Foundation repair specialists are best for any severe cracks or other issues that indicate foundation problems. Because poor drainage can destroy your home’s foundation, you will want to contact us for help as soon as possible about your home’s foundation.