Why Repairing Your Cinder Block Wall is Best Left to the Pros

Why Repairing Your Cinder Block Wall is Best Left to the Pros

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If your foundation is made from cinder blocks, you are not alone. They are very popular and used widely as they are less expensive than some other methods and easy to work with during construction. However, if you encounter problems with your cinder block wall, like cracks, broken blocks, or leaning, they are not as easy to work with during repair. You need to hire a contractor who has the knowledge and experience to make the repairs without causing more damage.

Problems With Cinder Blocks

One of the biggest concerns about repairing the cinder block wall yourself is you may not know the extent of the damage.


Cracks will appear in cinder block walls if there is improper drainage under and around the wall. The earth could settle deeper if it is too dry. It could also start to shift and crack if you live near heavy traffic, have underground transit below, or experience frequent earthquakes.

Tipping Walls

This can also happen with too much moisture underneath or around the wall. Heavy rain, vibrations or the earth drying out due to tree roots can all cause walls to lean.

They can lean into other things, like your home, trees, or on to someone else’s property. They can also tip over completely, breaking and causing untold damage to whatever is in its path.

Bowing or Buckling

If you have cinder blocks as foundation walls, the weight of the house can become too much. They can bow out and buckle under the weight. If the walls are not reinforced, there can be a lot of problems.

Wet Blocks

If you notice damp or leaks from the wall, there could be a larger leak somewhere, problems with drainage, or a clog of some kind. It needs to be looked at to find the problem, fix it, and then the wall.

Why Go Pro

Cinder block walls are put together in individual pieces. Trying to repair a crack or leaning wall yourself could result in causing a lot more damage. You don’t know how deep the damage goes.

Trying to replace a few cinder blocks will not be an easy task. Often, the entire wall will need to be repaired, reinforced, or taken down. If it is a stand-alone wall, it is easier to just take it down.

Walls in the home and part of the foundation are more difficult. Small cracks may be able to be filled in but larger damage should always be left to the professionals.

You could not only cause more damage to the wall but to the rest of your property. There is also the whole issue with your home owner’s insurance. If you do cause more damage or get injured, it may not cover you.

Doing these types of jobs by yourself almost always ends up costing you more by the time you are finished. You pay for the equipment to do it yourself, cause all sorts of damage and then have to pay a pro to come in, fix your mess, and then do the job right.

If you are concerned about cracks, leaks, or a wall that seems unsteady or leaning, don’t hesitate to call us. Here at Olson Foundation Repair, we can come to take a look and tell you exactly what you need to have done.

Don’t waste your time or money by thinking you can fix a small problem by yourself. You will likely just make a much bigger problem out of it. Some jobs are just better left to the pros, so you don’t have to worry and you only pay once. Contact Olson Foundation Repair today.