Why Your Kansas City Home May Need Foundation Pier Installation

Why Your Kansas City Home May Need Foundation Pier Installation

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When problems with your foundation have reached the point where you need foundation pier installation, you are having some serious problems. However, when you realize you have foundation issues, the faster you get help, the better.

Piers are used to support your foundation and hold it up, move it back to where it was, or keep it from sinking or shifting any farther. If you are unsure whether you need foundation piers or not, here are a few reasons why you might.

Why Your Kansas City Home May Need Foundation Pier Installation

Some foundation problems are not always as obvious as some others. But here are a few things you can check for.

Doors and Windows Stick

If your foundation has moved, even slightly, this can cause your doors and windows to either stick or swing open. Gaps around the frames of the doors and windows may have a gap or be separating.

This can affect all your doors, even your kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors. If they used to fit fine and no longer do, you may need foundation piers installed to help shift your home back into proper positions.

Cracks in the Drywall

Small cracks are not always due to foundation issues but they should be checked, anyhow. Larger cracks can certainly be a sign that there are foundation problems.

Settling homes often don’t do it evenly, so cracks will appear when there is too much pressure put on the walls. Always get cracks inspected, as they will not stop at small cracks.

Cracks in the Exterior

There could be cracks in the exterior of your home, in the brick, foundation, or other block walls will show cracks if the foundation is moving. These cracks can move horizontally or vertically.

Foundation pier installation can help bring everything back to where it should be. Of course, you will need to have the cracks repaired, as well. They can cause a lot of extra damage to the home.

Uneven Floors

If your foundation is shifting then you will definitely notice a slanting to your floors. Hallways, stairs, countertops can all start to seem a bit uneven. If you have ceramic tiles on your floor, they may start to develop small cracks, as well.

Without foundation pier installation, these cracks and tilts will only get worse. It’s not very easy to notice these types of things as they are often gradual and can take a long time until we see a difference.


You may start to notice gaps at the base of your walls and the floor, in your crown molding and the ceiling, or any other place where it seems there are walls moving away from whatever they are attached to.

These are not meant to be filled in and forgotten about. They will need steel foundation piers installed to secure the foundation. Once that is taken care of, you can fix the gaps or cracks in the walls.

Foundation Pier Installation

Keeping an eye on any of these issues can be caught early. Getting them repaired as soon as possible saves time, money, and more problems in the future.

If you have found any of these signs around your home, please give us a call here at Olson Foundation Repair. Our team of experienced and professional foundation repair contractors will carefully evaluate your home’s foundation.

The cost of the foundation repair services you need depends on the size of the damage or crack that your foundation may have. Our foundation repair team will provide you with a plan for making the needed repairs.