When Is Basement Waterproofing Necessary?

When Is Basement Waterproofing Necessary?

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Does your Kansas City home need basement waterproofing to address a persistent problem with leaks?

Many homes in our area have basements or crawl spaces, areas that are highly vulnerable to serious damage if you don’t address certain problems. This article will identify those issues and show how our effective waterproofing solutions can help you finally regain your peace of mind.

When Basement Waterproofing is Necessary

This is necessary whenever your home experiences significant water intrusion anywhere in the basement. It can lead to damages in a cinder-block wall foundation or cracks in a poured-concrete wall. If you don’t have proper grading around your home, it’s easy to run into this problem.

Even if there aren’t cracks, the water can get underneath the foundation’s slab and into the basement. It could be something as simple as clogged gutters mis-directing the runoff water and soaking the soil around your home foundation and basement. You should also check to see if you’re leaving your downspouts running too long when you water your garden. It’s easy for that water to get into your basement.

You’ll notice the problem as well if your window wells flood. That’s a sure sign of trouble, but we can install window well drains, add an interior drain system, or tie everything into an existing drain system. When in doubt, the best thing to do is call Olson Foundation Repair for a free inspection to determine the root cause.

A Few Other Ways to Address Basement Problems

Small-scale problems are cheaper and easier to fix most of the time. We can usually seal the smaller cracks with an epoxy solution, which doesn’t take too long to address.

Sometimes it even helps you to approach the problem from the outside by digging up along the footing to install an exterior drain-tile system. We can also add a waterproofing membrane, which works well on finished basements where you don’t want the walls to sustain renovation damage. That’s the best strategy if your basement has been converted into a bar, bedroom, or movie room with lots of expensive equipment.

The big takeaway is that Olson Foundation Repair has a multitude of ways to address any basement problem: big or small.

Other Benefits to Basement Waterproofing

As you can tell, there are plenty of ways waterproofing can contribute to home value. Here are some of the other economic and practical benefits of undergoing a waterproofing renovation:

  • Although it may cost upwards of $7,000, it can yield a 30% ROI in added home value.
  • Get rid of the mold and mildew from all the unwanted moisture.
  • Protect all the basement-level rooms of your home.
  • Make your home much less vulnerable during a flood.
  • No longer experience the aesthetic degradation from all the cracks.
  • Make your home more attractive to prospective buyers if you’re thinking about selling soon.

Hire Olson Foundation Repair to Waterproof Your Basement

Now’s the time to call Olson Foundation Repair for expert assistance with any damages beneath or around your basement or foundation wall. Our business has the reputation as one of Kansas City’s best construction contractors for difficult repair work. We’ve earned that with dedicated service dating all the way back to the 1980s.

You can also count on us for heavy-duty renovation work such as wall bracing, piering, drainage solutions, and more. We not only do these jobs well, but if we make a mistake, we’ll return to fix the problem because we honor all service warranties. Don’t take our word for it, either, because we have plenty of positive customer testimonials to corroborate our claims.

Contact Olson Foundation Repairs anytime to discover all the benefits of effective basement waterproofing for residential homes in Kansas City.

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