When Does a Basement need Foundation Wall Bracing?

When Does a Basement need Foundation Wall Bracing?

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Foundation wall bracing can address many serious problems such as wall cracks, walls caving in or sinking, and more. Many homes in Kansas City have basements, which is literally ground zero for many major issues. In this article, we’ll discuss when you may need wall bracing in your home as well as what goes into this procedure.

What Does Foundation Wall Bracing Address?

The most common sign that you need wall bracing is the presence of diagonal or horizontal cracks running along your walls or foundation. These can begin small before getting much worse, and when they do, you’ll suffer a bigger repair bill. Therefore, you should never ignore cracks or leaks in your basement.

Horizontal cracks are a sign of inward movement within your walls. Besides that, you could see lots of bowing or buckling.

We address this with wall bracing by installing steel I-beams every six feet throughout the wall. The six-foot rule is the standard specification for most wall types, but in the next section, we’ll explain a couple of exceptions to that rule.

How do we do this?

It’s a simple process, but it involves significant labor effort. First, you break open a hole in the foundation. Then you set the I-beam into the hole. Finally, you fasten it to the top of the floor joists.

Different Foundation Types & Specifications

Some wall materials require I-beams of different sizes. Cinder blocks, for example, were more common in older homes, but they’re rather hollow and difficult to move. These require four-foot beams.

Then there are stone wall foundations, which need five-foot centering beams. The good news is that stone wall foundations last for a while without the same trouble with settling. We find many of these in Kansas City homes that have been around for a long time.

Deadman Anchors

Finally, we have another option, called Deadman Anchors. These have a lot in common with vertical restraints and carry the same warranty (10 years).

Do you own a home that’s surrounded by earth like at the bottom of a hill?

Then Deadman Anchors could be helpful because they provide extra support in that environment. These will help your walls from experiencing inward movement. Also, if there’s an obstacle above you, we can fasten these beams to the floor joists.

Benefits of Wall Bracing

You won’t know whether you need wall bracing until you allow a professional to inspect your basement, but we can show you many advantages of this procedure. Do these sound like the things you’d like to address in your basement?

  • Control Water Leaks
    This is crucial, especially for older homes. Water intrusion can give you all sorts of headaches with mold growth when it’s warm and freezing water that will gradually destroy your walls and foundation when it’s cold.
  • Address Buckling Walls
    Even without water intrusion, buckling walls can become a problem of soil shifting, settlement, and other factors. Wall bracing may be what you need to re-stabilize your home and prevent further damage.
  • Prevent Cracks & Collapsing Walls
    Walls can eventually sink and collapse if you wait too long to deal with cracks. We can solve minor cracks with epoxy injections, but the larger ones usually require wall bracing or other interventions.

You can learn even more on this topic by reading this previous post on whether your home needs wall bracing.

Expert Installation of Foundation Wall Bracing for Your Basement in Kansas City

Olson Foundation Repairs is the most reliable company for this extensive work. We earn accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and receive plenty of positive feedback from satisfied clients and customers throughout Kansas City. This includes surrounding suburbs like Olathe, Lee’s Summit, and Overland Park.

Don’t take your chances with a less-qualified contractor for major projects like wall bracing. Our team of technicians has lots of hands-on training and experience required to do this safely, and thoroughly, and not need to come back and redo stuff.

You can find out whether your basement needs foundation wall repair by contacting us anytime for a free inspection and service quote.

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