What Is The Average Cost Of Wall Bracing?

What Is The Average Cost Of Wall Bracing?

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So, let’s talk about dollars and cents, including the cost of wall bracing for Kansas City homes. While a foundation procedure like this is rarely “cheap,” Olson Foundation Repairs does everything to pursue the most cost-effective solution with all our homeowner clients.

Here’s a preliminary look at what goes into the price of foundation wall bracing.

Cost of Wall Bracing (Per Beam)

We usually determine the cost of the project by the number of beams or braces required to do the job. It can be anywhere from $400 to $600 per brace. The more braces you need will give you a bit of a volume discount.

The cost also depends on the height of a basement or crawl space. Crawl spaces can range from two feet to eight feet. Obviously, with higher spaces to cover, the cost increases correspondingly.

Typical Problems We Fix with Wall Bracing

Whenever you see horizontal or diagonal cracking, it’s a sign of inward movement within foundation walls. Sometimes walls move and shift significantly (anywhere from three to four inches).

When this happens, we will excavate the entire outside of the foundation wall. Then we’ll go inside and raise the frame of the house off the foundation and push the wall back into a straight position. Then we let the house back down onto the wall, before filling in the dirt and grading. With our dedicated workmanship, this procedure will prevent any more inward movement and halt the spread of cracks or leaks.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Address Foundation Problems

If a wall has exceeded three to four inches of inward movement, even the city code considers it a safety hazard. If you ignore this problem once it has already moved six inches, then the wall will inevitably keep moving. When it gets that bad, we have to push an entire wall out, whereas we can stabilize the smaller problems by installing I-beams.

You never want to ignore these issues for too long, though. Left unchecked, the wall movement can interfere with utility lines and other equipment. Then the repair bills can become astronomical.

The Benefits of Wall Bracing

Finally, we’d like to remind you of the best benefits of getting wall bracing to address serious foundation problems in your Kansas City home.

  • Wall bracing provides permanent structural support rather than just a band-aid solution. The latter will almost always lead to more repairs later down the road.
  • This can also help you avoid subsequent water damage to your foundation. That’s because if you have cracks, you undoubtedly have leaks. Then it gets worse because where there are leaks, there’s bound to be mold and pests.
  • This is also a very important consideration for older or historical buildings, which have had a lot of time to succumb to shifting soils and other geological issues. If, for example, your older home wasn’t built with enough rebar and support material in the first place, there’s a good chance you have a few foundation cracks to fix.
  • If you only need a few braces, this is a solid and cost-effective solution that may only cost a couple thousand dollars. It gets much worse if you wait and have to consider even more invasive tactics.

Olson Foundation Repair: Our Service is Well Worth the Cost of Wall Bracing

So, the big takeaway is that wall bracing won’t cost you a fortune, and can help avert more serious concerns (safety hazards) by fully addressing inward movement. This is what we do all the time to help residential homeowners throughout Kansas City.

Our reliable service has made us one of the top companies for foundation repair in this community, according to the business ranker, BloggerLocal. Besides that, we possess an outstanding reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and can show you plenty of positive testimonials from previous clients.

If you have any other questions regarding the cost of wall bracing, please contact Olson Foundation Repair to learn more on this important topic.

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