What are the Different Types of Foundation Repair Methods?

What are the Different Types of Foundation Repair Methods?

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Olson Foundation Repair specializes in several foundation repair methods that can address both structural and cosmetic problems for homes around Kansas City. Since this is what we consider a “rare trade,” our customers have lots of questions about what we do. So, let’s go over some of our most popular repair tasks, and why they make such a difference for preserving your home foundation.

Foundation Repair Methods – For Serious Structural Problems

One of our primary focus areas involves repairing settling issues, sinking floors, foundation wall movement, and other substantial foundation damages. We have ways to resolve these matters, once they become too severe for minor repairs, by installing piers. These go underneath your home, arranged six feet apart to regain structural stability along the foundation wall.

These piers go down to the bedrock. Once we reach that level, we attach them to the foundation rafters, tie everything together, backfill with concrete, and patch cracks as necessary. If there is significant inward movement, we may also have to add vertical wall restraints.

It’s very important to address that type of movement because it can impinge upon other things like your utility lines and duct work. So, foundation repair has a lot to do with protecting your entire home from significant damages. Fortunately, we can correct several problems with I-beams and deadman anchors.

Others Important Foundation Repair Methods

What about repairing those ugly cracks in your basement?

The solution depends heavily on the shape/size of the cracks as well as whether water intrusion is present along the walls. It’s important to address structural integrity before handling cracks. If you approach this by simply filling or injecting them (without fixing whatever’s causing movement), then these symptoms will probably return within six months to a few years. Epoxy injection is only a cosmetic solution, which is a great idea for appearances, provided you don’t have deeper problems beneath the surface.

We also handle basement waterproofing for Kansas City homes. Many buildings could benefit from better water management by redirecting it away from the foundation. Fortunately, Olson Foundation Repair specializes in several ways to do this by installing sump pump pits, interior drain-tile systems, and other effective measures.

This Work Requires a Professional for Optimal Results

Like we’ve said many times, not every construction contractor or handyman has the right skills or experience for foundation repair on residential homes. There are many moving parts (including the soil itself). That’s why smart homeowners will do their homework and find a good foundation repair company with these qualities.

  • A Track Record of Customer Satisfaction – It’s easy to tell whether a foundation contractor is worth their salt by consulting with their previous customers. If you cannot find a decent volume of positive reviews, that’s often a sign of inconsistent or unverifiable workmanship.
  • Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance – You should be able to get a contractor to show you some proof that they’re legitimate and not a “fly-by-night” operation. Reputable businesses always have certifications and credentials somewhere on their office walls.
  • Clear Warranty Coverage – In the trades, you’ll often hear about warranty coverage for both manufactured products and installation service. The best foundation and waterproofing companies will explain (and honor) their warranty agreements. For us, this pertains to our structural repair services (installing wall restraints, piers, drain-tile systems, etc.).

Hire Olson Foundation Repair for Thorough Repair & Waterproofing Services

When you look around your home, especially the basement, do you notice some of the problems we mentioned?

If you think you have trouble with cracked or porous foundation walls, or suspect things are unstable, then call us soon. Olson Foundation Repair doesn’t charge anything for a home inspection. You can have one of our experienced staff visit your property, check out your basement and foundation, and offer an expert opinion.

There’s no sales pressure, and, if anything, we try to steer folks toward the less invasive options if we catch problems early enough. If you have further questions regarding foundation repair methods, then contact us anytime for friendly customer service.

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