What are the Common Causes of Drainage Failure?

What are the Common Causes of Drainage Failure?

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What are the common causes of drainage failure for homes around Kansas City?

You can’t ignore poor drainage for long because it can lead to a multitude of problems: water pooling, hydrostatic pressure on your foundation, leaks, and even a flooded basement. While proper drainage isn’t the first thing on people’s minds every day, it’s a very rudimentary part of any residential property.

Here’s what you should know about drainage trouble, what causes it, and how to fix it with our help if things get out of control.

Common (Preventable) Causes of Drainage Failure

This problem can manifest in many ways, but one of the first things to check is your gutters and downspouts. Whenever they’re clogged or damaged, you’re bound to have trouble with heavy runoff water. Homeowners can address this with spring cleaning, which should include dislodging all the leaves, sticks, and debris stuck inside.

Window wells are another item to monitor carefully. The covers should be kept in good condition, at the appropriate depth (with proper gravel support), You can also clean these at the same time you work on the drainage gutters.

One Quick Caveat – gutter cleaning and maintenance may be difficult if you own a three-story, 40-foot house. It’s unsafe for seniors or most other homeowners to hop on a ladder and do roof work or cleaning. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to hire a roof-cleaning service to handle the task.

Always remember that excessive water pressure will erode just about any concrete service. This is bad news for your foundation, sidewalks, garden concrete, and other items that are expensive to repair or replace.

What to do If Excessive Runoff Water Damages Your Foundation?

Fortunately, Olson Foundation Repair has plenty of effective drainage solutions if you struggle to control heavy water flow heading toward your house.

The primary reason we like to install interior drain-tile systems is because they’re a much more cost effective way to handle intrusive water. This is a project that involves digging a small area for a surface drain, installing perforated pipe, and connecting it to a reliable sump pump. With our effective installation, this will force the water out of basements and lower-level areas and away from your home.

It’s a terrific alternative to more expensive techniques like installing steel piers. While there are scenarios that require heavy excavations, we try to avoid it if we can help you with an easier option.

Other Basement Waterproofing Solutions to Consider

Finally, if installing an interior drain-tile system doesn’t fully address drainage trouble, then you can also pursue other basement waterproofing measures. Homeowners with finished basements can protect against water, without ruining walls, by hiring us to apply an exterior wall membrane. This provides additional support to the outside of the basement with a sealant barrier that prevents water from entering.

Address Drainage Failure with the Help of Olson Foundation Repair

Kansas City homeowners aren’t doomed to suffer drainage issues, provided they take proactive steps to keep their home exterior clean and well-maintained. Of course, if you already have trouble or inherited a home with several deficiencies, we can help.

Olson Foundation Repair serves the KC metro area with foundation maintenance, basement waterproofing, and effective drainage solutions. It’s important to master a few DIY upkeep techniques, like gutter cleaning, but you’ll want to consult a professional if you notice serious structural damages. Our team is fully bonded and insured to remedy wall cracks, leaks, bowed walls, heaving floors, and other major problems you can’t afford to ignore.

Contact Olson Foundation Repair today to address drainage failure and protect your home from basement floods and other serious calamities.

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