How Do You Know If Your Home Foundation is Failing?

How Do You Know If Your Home Foundation is Failing?

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Today, we want to talk about the warning signs that can tell you whether your home foundation is failing. Detection of the problem is crucial because when you delay repairs, it can become much worse.

Olson Foundation Repair assists home and business owners in the Kansas City area with all the problems mentioned below. If you encounter issues like these, please get in touch with us for inspection and professional service.

Common Signs of Home Foundation Problems

It’s easy to find many signs of foundational failing by looking over the various components of your home such as the windows, doors, walls, and floors. You can run into minor problems like difficulty opening and closing windows can be a telltale sign you need repairs elsewhere.

You can also find problems along your steps and staircases. Do you see any separation between the steps? That’s a big clue that there’s trouble because settling on the steps can be a sign of pressure on the home’s foundation.

What about in your basement? This is where you may find wall cracks and moisture intrusion. Water is both a red flag for foundational problems as well as a harbinger of mold and wood erosion. It goes part and parcel with settling, which is a sure indicator of worse problems beneath the surface.

If you notice any of these structural defects, then it’s probably time to get a home inspection. Olson Foundation Repair is happy to assist you in this regard.

Certain Problems Are Common to Particular Kansas City Neighborhoods

We have several experienced technicians who can drive into a particular area or neighborhood and guess the problem before even inspecting the home. That’s because it’s so common to see the same defects repeatedly in the same community. Most homes in a specific area were probably built at the same time, and, therefore susceptible to the same problems.

This might sound like an irrelevant curiosity, but imagine how important it is to know about it if you want to move somewhere. It’s always wise to research any potential foundation problems when you decide to buy a new house.

At the very least, it’s an opportunity to realize what issues may await you a few years after purchasing a home. You can ask your neighbors if there’s a common problem with something like bouncing floors or expansion joint separation.

How Do You Prevent an Expensive Repair Bill?

You should never wait until your home is on the verge of a catastrophe to take action. Like anything else in home maintenance, preventative efforts will net you a huge return on investment. This means you’ll want to deal with your structural problems while they’re just a few cracks.

It’s very expensive, on the other hand, to wait until your walls are sinking or collapsing to do something about it. You can call us any time for an inspection. That’s the best time to think about securing your walls or doing some other upkeep project to avoid the much heftier repair bill later.

Olson Foundation Repairs Can Fix All Your Home Foundation Troubles

We hope you’ll consider using our reliable services the next time you need foundation repair for your home. Olson Foundation Repairs has accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to go along with all the necessary licensing, bonding, and certification for serious work like this.

Every foundational problem you see here falls within our core competency as a contract repair company. Our talented team has done small and large jobs like these for over 30 years. If you’re searching for a trustworthy crew to implement permanent solutions, then look no further.

Contact us today for outstanding home foundation service.

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