How to Choose the Best Drainage System For Your Home

How to Choose the Best Drainage System For Your Home

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Are you ready for us to put together the best drainage system for your home in Kansas City?

The answer to that question is probably “yes” if you’re finally fed up with water intrusion, foundation wall cracks, and other expensive damages. Olson Foundation Repair installs both interior and exterior drainage solutions to homes all over the KC metro area. Whether your home is older or newer, we can help you get unwanted water away from your house once and for all.

Best Drainage System – Interior Methods

There are a few ways to choose the best drainage solution for your home. One of the most common ways we do it is to install an interior drain-tile system tied into a sump pump that moves water away from the home. It catches water coming from underneath the floors as well as anything running down the foundation walls.

That system requires us to dig trenches outside the home, lay down drainage pipes, cover it with concrete, then seal it. Although that may sound like a lot of excavation, our crews know how to do it in the least invasive way possible.

There are plenty of other ways to intervene against water problems, though. Epoxy injection is another approach when the cracks or leaks are still small. For other basement issues, we can add window-well drains that tie into the interior drain system and sump pump.

Best Drainage System – Exterior Methods

On the outside of the house, we can install a drain-tile system as well. There’s also waterproofing membrane that helps support finished basements where homeowners keep bars or movie theaters. In those environments, where we can’t get through the walls or sheetrock, the waterproofing membrane helps seal things from the outside.

Sometimes it helps to address problems with soil grading around the home perimeter. That’s where we evaluate the angle or slope of the soil. If we see that it’s leading water toward your foundation, we can add more soil to send it a different direction.

We also recommend that homeowners clean their gutters and downspouts. When those clog, you’ll end up with large water pools, which will soak and erode your foundation.

Finally, Olson Foundation Repair can install exterior French drain systems. Those are outdoor trench systems designed to eliminate those large pools of water that accumulate around your home.

So, Which System Works Best?

In our experience, the Kansas City rainstorms can become so intense that it’s better to pursue the interior options first. While the exterior approaches help significantly, heavy rainwater may bypass those interventions and enter your home. Therefore, the interior drain-tile system is our favorite way to address most serious forms of water intrusion.

How Do You Know When There’s a Problem?

At what point do you know you have a drainage problem?

If you aren’t sure whether things have gotten serious, we recommend calling us for a free inspection. That way one of our specialists can give you a no-pressure, expert opinion on the situation. Here are some things we look for when there’s a potential drainage or foundation problem.

  • You notice foundation wall cracks. They might start off small (⅛ inch wide), but they usually spell trouble. If they’re still small, we can apply epoxy injections.
  • There are also a lot of visible water stains and deposits inside your basement.
  • Your gutters or downspouts always clog, leading to significant water pooling in various locations.

Olson Foundation Repair: Your Ally in the Fight Against Water Intrusion

All those leaks that come from hydrostatic water pressure can cost your thousands of dollars in repairs. There is hope, however, if you implement one or more of the drainage systems we mentioned. These waterproofing solutions are what we do all the time for homeowners around Kansas City.

In fact, we’ve been applying techniques like these since our company’s founding in 1986. We don’t just arrive at your home and tell you what to do. Olson Foundation Repair will diagnose the problem, show you why you should pursue a particular drainage option, and then perform the work.

Finally, we always honor all service warranties for anything we install.

Contact us today if you need help choosing the best drainage system for your home.

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