How to Repair Foundation Cracks in Concrete?

How to Repair Foundation Cracks in Concrete?

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How do you repair foundation cracks in concrete? Cracks in either the walls or floor are a common problem we address for homeowners. It’s not the sort of thing you want to ignore for a while.

If you handle the issue expediently, you can avoid greater calamities further down the road. This article will show you how we do repair work on concrete cracks and related damages.

Ways to Repair Foundation Cracks in Concrete

Olson Foundation Repair offers quite a few services for fixing cracks on your walls or floors. We can usually tell what the problem is from the trajectory of the cracks themselves. They manifest in two different ways:

  1. Horizontal/Diagonal Cracks – These cracks come from inward movement. The sediment underneath your house can shift or sink and create a structural imbalance that leads to cracks.
  2. Vertical Cracks – If you see cracks that run a long way, then you likely have a problem with settling beneath the surface. You might also notice a bit of a lip on your stairs, which is often a telltale sign of serious structural imbalance.

Fixing Cracks

How do we fix these problems after they’ve gotten worse over time?

We typically handle horizontal cracks with vertical wall restraints, whereas the vertical cracks require us to install steel I-beam restraints or wall bracing. The latter is a little more complex because we have to go beneath the surface to install them, requiring excavation and more labor. There we’ll tie the house back down to the bedrock to address the shifting that caused the cracks.

Once the foundation is secure, we can do cosmetic work on the cracks themselves. We have epoxy injections that will fill in the cracks and restore your walls or floor.

Other Repair Tasks & Preventative Procedures

Then we have other things we can do to prevent cracks and prevent water intrusion into your home. Many homeowners in Kansas City have basements, either finished or unfinished, which are vulnerable to water trouble. We have a couple of important ways to prevent or eliminate this concern.

If you’re experiencing water entering through cracks, then it’s important to divert that water elsewhere. One of the best ways to do this is by installing a drain-tile system, which can redirect water into a sump pump pit. We can also wrap the walls with FRP sheeting to create an extra barrier of protection.

These Are Not “DIY” Tasks

Can you do these tasks by yourself?

We don’t recommend it because foundation repair requires a lot of expertise, attention to deal, and experience in order to get it right. Sometimes we have to fix the mistakes that occur when homeowners decide to buy repair kits and do these projects alone. This sometimes makes our work take longer and cost more, too.

While these measures may erase every problem, they will at least minimize them. The basic purpose is to prevent further damage and slow the spread of cracks and other defects. It’s way smarter and less frustrating to have a professional do this for you.

At the very least, you should have us perform a free inspection to find out the best course of action. In the meantime, you can also look over this article for how to know if a crack is serious and what to do about it.

Let us Repair Foundation Cracks in Concrete for Your Home in Kansas City

Olson Foundation Repair offers competitive rates for all these services and more. If you’re in or around Kansas City and have trouble with cracks, sinking walls, or leaky walls, then you should call us for help. It costs nothing to have one of our trained technicians look at your home and identify problems like soil settling.

We have plenty of positive feedback from prior customers and would be happy to show you our positive testimonials. Olson Foundation Repair is one of the first search results on Google when you’re looking for foundation repair in Kansas City. That’s because we have the best reputation for this work anywhere in the metro area.

If you need us to repair foundation cracks in concrete around your home, please contact us at 913-592-3300.

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