How Can Homeowners Prevent Foundation Problems?

How Can Homeowners Prevent Foundation Problems?

Prevent Foundation Problems

Knowing how to prevent foundation problems is one of the best tools that homeowners have at their disposal. Some of the things that can damage or ultimately destroy a foundation are factors that we may not realize are problems.

Homeowners need to be vigilant about threats to their home’s foundation because of the high costs often involved with repairs. What should come as refreshing news is that experts can easily find solutions to these problems.

Read on to learn more about some of the best ways to prevent foundation problems.

Find Out About Grading, Gutter, and Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

If any slopes are graded towards your home, you’re likely to have foundation issues eventually. However, you will need to avoid having your excess water running into a neighbor’s yard or into the street. French drains are often excellent solutions for gradual dissipation, although you will need to think about preventative maintenance, so there are no clogs.

One thing that you can do to prevent foundation issues is to make sure your basement and crawl space walls have been waterproofed. Sump pumps can play a crucial role in pushing water out of a basement, as long as the water drains a minimum of five feet from the house.

Gutters and downspouts extensive enough to draw water six feet away from your house make a difference. However, for gutters and downspouts to function best, they require regular cleaning.

Keeping Trees and Bushes Trimmed Helps Prevent Foundation Problems

One relatively easy way to prevent foundation problems is by trimming your home’s trees and bushes. One of the reasons that trees and bushes are a problem is because their roots tend to grow toward the water. The presence of large trees close to a house may explain foundation issues.

Although trees must usually come down, transplanting bushes to a different location might be an option. Consulting with your foundation contractor will give you a better idea of which solutions may work best.

Why Diagonal Cracks and Major Leaks Are a Serious Problem

Of all the types of cracks you may have in a home’s foundation, larger diagonal cracks are the most serious. These cracks are early signs of future structural damage. Excess moisture, salt damage to steel, and wood rot are signs of trouble not to be ignored. These issues are possible signs of settlement that require attention.

In addition to substantial stains or leaks in your basement, another sign of trouble is efflorescence, the white matter left behind from minerals in the water. Mold is another obvious indicator, especially when it is most obvious at wall bases. The excess dampness in a basement resulting from these problems will leave the telltale musty odor.

Prevent Foundation Problems: Find Out Why Your Floors Slant

In many cases, slanting floors are due to outline house settling that happens over time. Although slanting floors can be somewhat commonplace in older homes, this shouldn’t happen with floors that were previously level in a newer home. Consulting with a professional specializing in foundations is the best way to get to the bottom of the issue.

When you have a slanting patio floor, one of the solutions may be to install a drainage system that keeps water from getting under the pavers. As with interior floors, professional consultation is necessary to determine the root cause. One of the things you want to avoid is correcting cosmetic issues without fully addressing the underlying problem.

As with any other issues involving homes, preventing is key to preventing the most expensive, time-consuming problems that arise. Although some preventative measures are expensive, the cost is minor in comparison to the costs of failing to take these steps.

Olson Foundation Repair has the expertise to handle all your foundation concerns; contact us today to see what we can do for you if you need to prevent foundation problems.