Everything You Need to Know About a Stone Wall Repair

Everything You Need to Know About a Stone Wall Repair

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Stone walls are some of the easiest to construct. They look fabulous and are very strong. But they also can get damaged. Just like any other type of structure, they can become frail with age and weather, get damaged, and start to fall apart. Having the wall repaired may be an option if it isn’t too far gone. Repairs can be for small areas or larger ones. You should always consult a professional for stone wall repair.

Problems With Stone Walls

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with stone walls.

They can get cracks and broken, which will cause the moisture to get in. This can cause even further damage to the wall. The stones themselves may hold humidity and moisture.

They can get damaged by accidents, weather, and tree roots growing too big or sapping the moisture from below.

If the moisture does get in and then freezes, this can cause the stones to crack or break. It can damage the mortar as well. Moisture, bugs, like termites and even smaller animals like mice or squirrels, can get in larger cracks, and then the damage escalates.

Stone Wall Repair

Fixing the problems first needs to start with an assessment. Ideally, you want to only fix the part that is damaged. Repairing several stones around it will increase the cost considerably.

If there are several stones damaged, then your contractor needs to look at ways to fix them without disturbing the surrounding stone. Some types of stone are certainly more hardy than others.

Smaller cracks may be able to be filled in and sealed up to prevent more damage. You don’t want to disturb the wall if you don’t have to.

Find The Matching Stone

If your home is relatively old, it can be difficult to find a match. Your contractor should know where to find something similar.

Removing the Stone

This is a very delicate part of the job. The stone needs to be cut out very carefully. The trick is not to hit other stones next to it. This is why you should never attempt this type of work yourself.

The stone will be removed in small pieces, and then use a chisel to make the corners as close to 90 degrees as possible.

Cut The New Stone

The stone needs to be cut to fit the newly cleared out space, save for about ⅜ of an inch for the mortar. The stone needs to be cut a little on each side bit by bit until you reach the desired size.

You also need to allow for the final work on the stone once it’s in place. It needs to be fashioned to match the rest.

Finish the Surface

This requires a chisel, a steady hand, and some patience. You want to make the stone face to match the rest that is in the wall. Unless it is all smooth stone face.

Once it is done, you can finally put it into place. It needs to be level with the other stones before you add the mortar around it to seal it in. You should have some type of tool ready in case it needs to be adjusted.

Call The Pros for Stone Wall Repair

This is a job you need to have done professionally. Call us at Olson Foundation Repair for an estimate or inspection today. You want the wall to be repaired professionally so it will last for many years.

Stone wall repair needs to be exact and you don’t want to leave that to chance.