Collapsing Chimney? What it Means and What to Do About it

Collapsing Chimney? What it Means and What to Do About it

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If your home has a collapsing chimney, you need to take action right away. This can be very dangerous and a big problem. Hopefully, you find signs there is a problem before it gets too bad.

There are a few reasons that can cause your chimney to collapse, and a few signs to look for before it gets to that point. You don’t want the chimney to collapse altogether.

Collapsing Chimney

Like anything else, your chimney will not last forever. There are several reasons why your chimney may start to break away or collapse.


After a while, everything will start to come apart. Perhaps your bricks and mortar are past their prime. They can start to come away from the chimney and fall off of the structure.


Your chimney is not immune to the elements. Wind, rain, extreme heat, and freezing cold, will all take a toll on your chimney. When bricks get wet, they react just like your concrete does.

They will expand and freeze or dry out in the heat. Water will erode the bricks and the mortar. Water seeps right into the bricks, causing them to eventually come away or break.

There isn’t much you can do about weather or even getting hit by lightning. A lightning strike can not only remove several bricks, but it can cause a lot of damage to your chimney.

House Settling

If your home is new it may experience some settling. If it is very old, it can also shift slightly due to foundation issues. Even the smallest movement can disturb the bricks and cause damage.

Bricks coming loose can allow more water to get in. This will extend the damage throughout the chimney to the walls, ceiling roof, and the inside and outside of the chimney.

Poor Quality

If the bricks or other materials were less than ideal, then you will see issues with your chimney. If the chimney was not built properly or completely straight, then you may experience a collapsing chimney.

You may have saved money by buying pre-owned bricks but the quality can be very poor. Poor materials or workmanship will be apparent even in slightly moderate weather.

What to Do About a Collapsing Chimney

If you have noticed a few bricks coming loose from your chimney or perhaps some have fallen down inside the house. Don’t take any chances about even a few bricks.

Call your expert right away. They can inspect it and see if the problem is simply due to a storm or if there is more, deeper damage. The sooner you act, the better your chances of saving your chimney.

Professionals will inspect the chimney and make any repairs that may need to be done. They also add waterproofing to make sure these repairs last a lot longer.

If a collapsing chimney is the problem, they can repair or replace some of the damaged areas. If it does collapse, it can cause a lot of damage to the home, like to the roof, the wall it is attached to, and anything else around it.

A collapsing chimney can also damage people, property, pets, cars, your trees and garden, and end up costing you a lot more to have it repaired or replaced. Don’t take chances if you suspect there is a problem.

If you need help, please call us here at Olson Foundation Repair before it is too late. The faster you act, the more money you will ultimately save. Don’t wait until the damage gets worse.