Are Foundation Cracks Normal?

Are Foundation Cracks Normal?

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Foundation cracks are a common sign of trouble, which you should address quickly if you notice them becoming larger. While there are many causes of either horizontal, diagonal, or vertical cracks, you can usually prevent an expensive repair bill with certain interventions. Olson Foundation Repairs has a few ways to address cracks along the foundation, wall cracks, wall bowing, and virtually any other problem you may encounter.

Foundation Cracks Are Normal, Potentially Problematic

Foundation cracks are very normal in Kansas City. You could drive along every road in town and find at least one home with cracks. It has a lot to do with all the clay soil we have in our region.

During the winter, the clay soil freezes and pulls away from the foundation. Then, in the summer, the ground warms again, expands, and inevitably leads to cracks. So, there’s this constant seasonal push-and-pull dynamic in our community, a problem we like to think of as the “earth breathing.”

It may not always appear too severe, however. The condition doesn’t always require immediate intervention, even though it’s common to see homes with at least some cracks.

It’s not just a function of the home’s age, either. Sometimes we’ll see homes that are 70 years old with no cracks, but then run into a five-year-old with all the signs of settling, concrete breaking, and cracks. It could be the soil in a given neighborhood that makes all the difference.

Cracks – Growing or Shrinking?

Cracks along the foundation can either grow or shrink. They often get larger before they shrink, but the latter may happen when the earth presses back against a home’s foundation.

If you see a foundation crack, there’s a decent chance it’ll expand and contribute to water issues and other problems. They can even put stress on interior appliances and gas lines. That’s usually what leads homeowners to call us for assistance.

Fortunately, Olson Foundation Repair has plenty of ways to address the problem with things like foundation piering (helical or steel piers). If you think it has gotten out of control beneath your home, we’re happy to do an inspection and offer an expert opinion.

Many Great Reasons to Fix Foundation Cracks

We’ve mentioned before how it’s important not to hesitate to repair foundation cracks. There are several reasons to tackle the problem swiftly.

  • Avoid Moisture Problems
    • It’s through those cracks that water gets into your basement or otherwise into your home. Even if you don’t experience basement flooding, cracks may put you at risk for mold or mildew problems, which are a significant health hazard.
  • Make Your Home Safer
    • Foundation problems (be it cracks or otherwise) can usher in other problems like wall cracks, and even collapsed walls. That’s enough reason to monitor even the small cracks.
  • Stop Things From Getting Worse
    • It doesn’t cost you anything to obtain a free inspection from Olson Foundation Repair. Instead of gambling with it, why not call us for a quick inspection.

Call Olson Foundation Repairs to Fix Cracks & Other Foundation Issues

We can handle everything from foundation repair and basement waterproofing to implementing effective drainage solutions. Our mission is to help protect your home from the ever shifting clay soil beneath the surface. That’s what we’ve done to assist many Kansas City clients since the 1980s.

Olson Foundation Repair enjoys many endorsements from previous clients and even from business evaluators, like BloggerLocal, who rank us a top company for foundation repair in KC. We’re the ones you should call if you prefer professional service over risky “fly-by-night” contractors.

So, contact us today to put an end to foundation cracks and other structural problems plaguing your home.

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